Special Education Teacher

Company Name:
Hollister School District
EMPLOYER NAME: Hollister School District
POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Special Education Teacher (multiple positions)
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Special Education, Education or related field plus 1 year of experience as a teacher
DESCRIPTION: Teach students with mild to moderate disabilities at elementary school level. Serve as a case manager for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP's). Maintain consistent and positive classroom management skills and an ability to keep students on task. Use different behavior modification techniques for improving student conduct and encouraging participation. Formulate, facilitate and conduct IEP for each student's annual and triennial reports. Administer State, district and individualized testing. Generate report cards every semester. Integrate multiple teaching styles to intensify the range of learning through multi-modalities. Incorporate the use of technology in teaching, such as teacher-made PowerPoint presentations and mini-videos. Regularly communicate with parents to acknowledge superior work and areas of concern. Regularly collaborate with instructional aides, coaching and training them to fully support students. Attend and participate in various inhouse professional development training, school-based conferences and collaborations with both regular and special education teams.
SKILLS REQUIRED: Valid California teaching credential for special education
CONTACT: Please send resume to Hollister School District at .

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