Summer 2019: Sustaining Engineering Intern

A. Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Support sustaining engineering team in activities related to production and new product development
a. Production support: DCN (Document Change Notice), NCR (Non-Conformance Report) and FRB (Failure Review Board) support activities with assistance from mentor
b. New product development support: Support of activities for critical path items which may include design and test support action items
2. Assist in data analysis/reduction in support of sustaining engineering and new product development with assistance from mentor.
3. Learn the DCN and XDAN document release processes with assistance from mentor.
4. Written and verbal communication of project tasks through the creation of task summaries and presentation of results.
B. Education Required:
1. Bachelor's Degree (being sought after) in Information Technology related field
C. Experience Required:
1. IT hardware experience / exposure
2. Microsoft Office usage
D. Physical Requirements:
1. Lift up to 30 lbs. if needed

Don't Be Fooled

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